Whales and wildlife are everywhere in Newfoundland.





Betsy and I have experience observing whales from Antarctica to Hawaii, from the Pacific Coast to Maine. Never have we observed the feeding behavior, breaching, and showmanship as we saw directly and up-close off the coast of Newfoundland. The government site gives an impressive review of the experience and logistics of watching whales in Newfoundland. We saw many vans along our route following whales (see below).

In addition to seeing humpbacks off the shore of Cow Head, Cape Bonavista, Fogo Island, Cape Spear and King’s Point, we encountered Minke whales while kayaking (with Nicky the malamute below) in Terra Nova National Park. That experience was extra special, since we were all alone. Minkes are very quiet, and all of a sudden they surfaced right near us without warning.

Whales are ubiquitous in Newfoundland during the summer, but especially where they feed on capelin. A special treat was seeing the feeding performance of whales in King’s Point NL, which claims to be the “Humpback capital of the world.” Whale feeding, slapping fins, blowing, playing, was all in proximity to icebergs that had made their way into the harbor (see pics below).










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